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Blaser R8 Profesional Success 6.5x55 Swedish

Quick overview:

R8 Profesional Success

The Blaser R8 is arguably the best straight pull available on the market. The modular design enables the possability of switching between calibres in a matter of seconds. The rifle can be stripped down into four main parts (stock, barrel, bolt and magazine/trigger unit) meaning transport in a compact carry case and cleaning/maintenance is made effortless. Possibly the greatest feature is the design of the saddle mount that mounts directly onto the barrel and is simply attached or removed with two latches. This gurentees 100% return to zero every single time it is re-attached, this also allows you to have several scopes zeroed to several different barrels for different uses all on the same rifle platform. The Profesional Success thumbhole stock is quite possibly the most erganomically comfortably stock for shooting we have every used. Orginally designed for driven game for the European market the R8 balances and points like a shotgun making in a joy to use. The genius design of the safety catch decocks the entire action meaning you can have a round in the chamber ready and have absolute confidence the gun is entirely safe and when it comes to it the safety can be taken off in complete silence as not to scare any intended game.
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Additional Information

SKU cat00177
License Type Firearm
Stock Length 14 3/4"
Make Blaser
Mechanism Bolt Action
Stock Type Synthetic Thumb Hole
Orientation Right Hand
Barrel Length 22
Calibre 6.5x55 Swedish