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    Musto Tweed Waistcoat - Calder - Large

    Musto Tweed Waistcoat - Calder

    This tweed waistcoat is made from traditional style Scottish tweed and is machine washable to allow practicality. It features Clarino shoulder patches and trim for an authentic look. It has one internal pocket, twin side vents and D3O Recoil Pad facility. Made from - 96%Wool and 4% Nylon. Learn More
    Price: £289.00
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    Musto Stretch Technical Tweed Waistcoat

    Technical Tweed Waistcoat

    The Technical tweed waistcoat is made up of a unique blend of Scottish lambswool, polyamide and LYCRA which creates the perfect balance of performance and comfort. This blend of fibres allows durability and water repellence. Shoulder patches increase comfort and this waistcoat also features an integrated pocket facility for a recoil pad to protect against gun recoil. Learn More
    Price: £295.00
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    Musto Retrievers Vest - Dark Moss II

    Musto Retrievers Vest - Dark Moss II

    Complete with whistle retainer and a water-resistant rear poachers pocket with easy-clean lining and a lockable zip, the HTX Vest is the perfect balance of style and practicality. Learn More
    Price: £100.00
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    Musto Quilted PL Waistcoat - Rifle Green

    Musto Quilted Primaloft Waistcoat

    This Quilted PrimaLoft Waistcoat features PrimaLoft Black Eco, an eco-conscious, water- and wind-resistant insulation that combines breathable warmth with wet weather performance. Wear it on a winter shoot for enhanced core warmth combined with complete freedom of movement. A streamlined fit makes layering under jackets or over wicking base layers effortless. Learn More
    Price: £170.00
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    Musto L/W Tweed Waistcoat - Cairngorm

    Musto Cairngorm Tweed Waistcoat

    Made for shooting in mild to warm weather as ideal to layer. This Lightweight Tweed Waistcoat is Machine Washable. An internal pocket can hold a D3O Recoil Pad while shoulder panels provide comfort when aiming. Large bellow pockets make reloading effortless. Learn More
    Price: £300.00

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