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Browning HIVIZ Comp Sight

Quick overview:
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Perfect for the shooter looking for a new style sight of a more permament fixing. The metal base allows numerous coloured and width sights to be installed on the one unit. With this kit you are sure to have the correct colour for the job.
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less thanbgreater thanFeaturesless than/bgreater than less thanulclass=discgreater than less thanligreater thanFull awarness of where the barrel is in relation to the targetless than/ligreater than less thanligreater thanInterchangeable sights allow matching color to shooting conditionsless than/ligreater than less thanligreater thanKit includes 2 x white, 3 x green and 3 x red sightsless than/ligreater than less thanligreater thanMetal bases with 5 x screw sizes to fit most shotgunsless than/ligreater than less thanligreater thanSpecial key for chnaging sights and custom carrying case are included (not shown) less than/ligreater than less than/ulgreater than

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