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Top 5 Game Gun Picks For The Season Ahead...

Top 5 Game Gun Picks For The Season Ahead...
By William Mole & Mickey Scarpa 9 months ago 1033 Views

With the pheasant season now kicking off we take a look at 5 picks perfect for the job, ranging from entry level to true works of art. From our comprehensive range of over 450 guns we have selected some of the most popular starting from £599.

ATA SP £599

A brand which has grown in awareness hugely over the past 18 months. ATA is a company based in Turkey who have been producing entry level guns for quite some time. They broke through the market with the launch of the SP, a gun which took its inspiration and looks remarkably similar to the famous Beretta 680 action. This model starts in a plain black or bronze action at a very competitive price and moves up to engraved versions peaking with a hand engraved sideplate.A great gun if you want a new gun with full warranty at an affordable price bracket.

Beretta 693 £2,225

Beretta have recently pushed their over & under shotguns to the next level with the release of the 690 action.The new action featured a self tightening forend mechanism as well as drastically re-designed ergonomics in the likes of the grip, top lever and safety catch.The barrels have had further improvement with the Optima HP choking system.The grade 3 version is complemented by a gamescene engraving and higher grade wood finishing this marvel of engineering off to perfection.A “Vittoria” ladies version is a further option form this model with a specially re-designed stock.

Caesar Guerini Magnus £3,225

The Caesar Guerini is another World renowned Italian gun manufacturer and has been pushing new models on the market with great success over recent years. The Magnus has been the one of the stand out models. It has a sideplate adorned with detailed gamescene engraving and stocked with good quality walnut. It is available in both a game and sporting variant with the the sporting version having slightly more weight to it. We often find clients who shoot a lot of driven days prefer the handling characteristics of the sporting version. The deeper action gives the shooter a balance truly between both hands creating a very stable feel. This also helps absorb recoil which is important on a demanding day in the game field.

Perazzi MX12 Black Action Game £11,175

One of the premium names in the shooting! Perazzi will completely tailor the gun to requirements from stock dimensions, engraving, action type right down to the rib and bead on the end of the gun. The Black action MX12 is the first grade available but everything from start to finish is carried out completely by hand. These guns carry a higher price tag but you can really see where the time and attention to detail has been carried out.You can move up to higher grade culminating in sideplates which can cost up to £60,000 or more per gun.

Beretta SL3 Series £17,095

Beretta have always had a long-established history of quality and pride in the production of their over and under shotguns. After a long period of producing actions like the 686 they wanted to show the World a brand-new innovation! The SL3 has certainly done that with the very best innovations from models such as the DT, SO & 690 series actions. This blend has come to produce a gun that handles with precision and ease. It is available in 2 scroll variants, a gamescene and also a mirror finish option. We have found the floral scroll has proved by far the most popular being truly timeless and giving a real classic look. We do have some exciting arrivals imminent one of which is a hand engraved pair of the 2G4 gamescene and the other is a single mirror finished gun both of which will be the very first in the UK! Keep watching our social media when these arrive… To further complete the guns Beretta decided to supply them in a totally hand finished case produced in house at their factory, a real neat touch to a luxurious gun.