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The new must have shooting essentials for 2019

The new must have shooting essentials for 2019
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2019 has seen numerous new product lines that are sure to keep you’re shooting at its best and most comfortable. We take a look at these exciting new releases.

Shooting of all types being clay, game or rough always requires a good selection of equipment to get the most out of the sport.This year has seen some striking changes to the shooting market so let’s look at what both the man and lady shooter can take advantage of this year.

The famous brand of Schoffel after several years have brought something new to the table of clothing. The “All seasons” shooting vest combines both traditions with modern functionality to produce a classic styled waistcoat but one tailored specially for shooting. Available in camel, navy and dark olive for the men’s range this diverse range of colours makes them perfect for every occasion. The same style also comes in a specially cut ladies version making mounting the gun and shooting an effortless motion.

For a solid under layer or worn as a casual gilet the Harkila sandhem is ideal for the job. The colours of Blue and green give a truly multifunctional use and the ladies version comes in attractive colours of dark port or green. Now you will surely have a nice smart shirt to go with those colours.

As well as the clothing the protection side in shooting is imperative. The evolution brand over the last year or two has brought some impressive shooting glasses out at phenomenal prices. The range has been further expanded with the introduction of both the matrix and connect models. Through listening to shooters comments the shapes of the lenses that have been released by Evolution to achieve the fit against the face is nothing short of perfection, something other brands often overlook. Available as single sets and multiple lens sets they represent an excellent set of glasses optically and functionality wise.

Hearing protection is another point of vital importance. The big debate is always one of plugs versus ear defenders. The Peltor sportac are nothing short of excellent. The quality of the microphones as well as the comfort are at the top of their game. There are custom earplugs out there but the cost would be well in excess of the Peltors to achieve the same high degree of success enabling comfortable hearing with maximum noise cut out.

For the person more in the rough or game shooting scene Marrameno have had some excellent new products. Their luxury range of matching gunslips and cartridge bags come at a superb prices compared to some UK brands. The colour released for 2019 Is quite unique making them stand apart being finished with a smart contrasting leather trim. Would make the perfect present come birthday or Christmas!

Moving to something that is not just for the shooters, but all country pursuits is footwear. The choice and costs are vast but a new arrival in the form of a manufacturer called Grisport has filled a much awaited void in the market. Two main styles of either the Ranger which is a tall boot or the Saracen which is shorter as an all rounder have been released this year. These boots are high quality and have features such as the vibram sole famous on other quality brands, as well as a bellow tongue keeping the boot waterproof all the way to the top. All of this comes at a price you really can’t refuse either.Good solid footwear is a must when it comes to being out and about in the UK countryside.

Although many people always think of gloves as a thing of the cold winters the summer can also be equally important.Perspiration in the hands can affect the grip held on the gun so gloves can often offer the perfect solution. Macwet are one of the favorite brands and for years have been used successfully by many top class shooters. They produce both a summer and winter version with the summer having a fully ventilated back allowing the hands to breathe. It gives a seamless grip between you and the gun allowing top performance no matter what the conditions. Available in just about as many colours as the rainbow you will certainly find something to suit your taste.

So whatever part of your shooting equipment and clothing you need get it sorted. It may be the one thing missing that completes that all important comprehensive kit!