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New Bywell Website Launched!

By William Mole 1 years ago 890 Views

The internet is the modern way of finding out what you need and where to get it and in 2018 many people just couldn’t live without it. For us at Bywell Shooting Ground being located in rural Northumberland this means we are often a long way from many of our customers, not only in the UK but around the world. This is where the internet and our website especially comes into its own to view those specialised guns, no matter how far away.

Over previous years we have been running two individual sites. Bywell Country Clothing was the site that housed our vast collection of clothing and country accessories as well as those special gifts. The second site was Bywell Shooting Ground, which housed the guns, cartridges, ammunition and general shooting accessories. This was a good system for a short time but we quickly found the two sites were beginning to dilute each other. So we decided to take a starting a new and fresh look at our site.

The project began with the vision of integrating our entire electronic stock and gun register system throughout the site. This means if it’s in the shop it’s on the website and we didn’t want you as a valued customer to miss out on anything available to purchase. After several months of working on the layout and then re-taking thousands of pictures of guns, products and even members of staff we were ready to go.

So here we are with the brand new site. You will find many new features allowing you to refine your searches much quicker as well as a far better view when browsing our site on a mobile device or tablet as we often do these days. The guns have been photographed and displayed in far more detail allowing you to get up close and personal from your computer screen. For those looking for the clothing and accessories we have a vast selection on with more stock coming through and being added daily. Coming in plenty time for Christmas you are sure to find that perfect present.

So enjoy the new site and make sure to use all its new and exciting features. Weather a new or regular customer of ours we know there will always be something for you on our website, giving you a personal feel of what your chosen product is like before it arrives in your hands. To make sure you get directly to our site please try to click on our main home page of “Bywell Shooting Ground” or type in the main web browser bar of www.bywellshootingground.co.uk instead of clicking on some of the sub links such as gunroom or results as these are currently being re-indexed by Google. Once on our site make sure you save it as one of your favourites for a quick return. Happy browsing!