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Chapuis Armes are back!

Chapuis Armes are back!
By William Mole 1 month ago 793 Views

A gun brand not often heard of but a certainly a top name in manufacturing from France. We look at them hitting the UK market fresh with some new and exciting guns arriving through the door.

Chapuis Armes are a gun manufacturer who are steeped in tradition and history. The company was established back in 1934 starting out in a small village near St Etienne in France. This area is home to numerous gun makers from the smallest through to the world Renowned such as Chapius today. The modern day Chapuis Armes is now managed and run by David & Vincent Chapius who are the third generation in the family.

From their inception back in the 1930’s the brand has become synonymous with extremely reliable and accurate double rifles.Moving forward in the 1970’s the company decided to try something different by diversifying into the shotgun side of things.This new project was initiated with one very clear view in mind and that was on delivering only the highest quality products.From then the game guns they have produced have gone through various models and specifications but always retained the very best in terms of engineering and handling.

The Beretta group in March 2019 acquired the Chapius Armes brand and wanted to bring them back to the forefront of various World markets such as the UK where their name probably wasn’t know as well as it should be. Let’s take a look at some of the latest arrivals here in the gunroom....

C35 Super Orion Classic

The Super Orion Classic is a well priced gun that still carries features you would expect on a premium model. The gun comes stocked with a premium grade 3 walnut stock in a matte oil finish, really bringing the figure and grain out. The action sees a coin finish action and trigger with laser engraved gamescenes adorning the rounded action. Additionally the action has a rounded body. The solid top rib completes this truly classic game gun look and with superior steel shot proof it will suitable to use for generations to come.

C135 Super Orion Artisan

Sharing the same mechanics as the rest of the range the Super Orion Artisan really stand apart in terms of luxury and balance.The detailed gamescene and floral engraving that decorates the sculpted coin finished round action is hand finalised by master engravers, taking care and attention to get a truly realistic look. The woodwork selected is from a selection of deeply figured grade 5 blanks and features a traditional Prince of Wales grip with a fitted wooden heel-plate giving a truly snag free gun-mount. Not only in aesthetics but the gun has had more time spent in the time of craftsmen refining the handling and balance, something you can’ see but can certainly feel when picking the gun up. Again the superior steel shot proof it will suitable to use for generations to come.